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We are a team of experts who know the industry inside and out. We are constantly perfecting how our company operates to provide our customers with a better experience, higher quality products, and more availability. Near or far we will make sure you can get the best products on the market at a competitive price no matter how large or small your project is. We work with contractors, homeowners, and even commercially so no matter the size of your job, let's start working together.

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Our Sealcoat

Pitch Black asphalt pavement sealer is a premium, proprietary polymer reinforced, high-grade, custom rubberized pre-mixed asphalt emulsion sealcoat blended with carefully selected minerals, fillers, and fibers formulated specifically to produce a superior asphalt maintenace product. This results in an asphalt sealcoat with special properties giving it a hard, smooth and longer lasting surface. Pitch Black asphalt pavement sealer weatherproofs porous asphalt surfaces, prohibits penetration of water and oil, and blocks harmful ultraviolet rays by leaving a tough protective coating on asphalt pavement.

Our Facility

Our warehouse is over 7,200 square feet with a showroom filled with all the tools and supplies you need for your next job, clean bathrooms, a large conference room, as well as a self serve drink station. We have thought of everything. Our location allows for trucks of any size or shape and we are conveniently located in Hurricane, Utah.

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Our Team

Meet the dynamic team who built North Rim into what it is today. Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, concerns, or any other inquires.

Jason Knudson

Jason is the manager here at North Rim Sealcoat. He oversees the daily operations, sales, marketing, and quality control. He is up for any challenge and is always trying to improve the customer experience. Please drop me a line or email me with any questions.

(435) 619-4751


Ilene Jessop

Ilene is the retail & office assistant. Her role covers many areas including inventory management, bookkeeping, and customer service. Her attention to detail and great work ethic keeps everything running smoothly. Please drop me a line or email me with any questions.

1 (800) 905-9160


Kurt Wilson

Kurt is the delivery driver. Whenever he isn't out driving he helps in the office and warehouse. He is very versatile and is always there to lend a helping hand. Please drop me a line or email me with any questions.

1 (800) 905-9160


Robert Reyes

Robert is our warehouse associate. He batches sealcoat, unloads freight, loads customers, and maintains our plant. His great work ethic and many talents make him a very valuable part of our team.

1 (800) 905-9160



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